Happy Bridal Shower!

So my best friend, Kaitlin, is getting married in May! yahooo!!! I am so excited for that day! So today was her bridal shower where all the ladies got together, ate, opened gifts, and laughed.

I was so lucky that I got to make the desserts for her bridal shower, which included:

4 dozen strawberry shortcake cupcake,

4 dozen chocolate raspberry truffle cupcakes, and

1 dozen  gluten free chocolate cupcakes for vanilla butter cream

I also decided to go with fondant flowers as a cute little topper for them, next time I will make a combo fondant-gumpaste so that they are more sturdy

I was so happy to hear that everyone loved my baked goods, and even more excited when Kaitlin’s mother-in-law to be, Rose, introduced herself as a baker who had done wedding cakes for over 40 years! She was even willing to teach me techniques in decorating and show me how to make my decorating more detailed. I am so excited for this opportunity! Anyways, I hope my kitchen will be ready for me to bake tomorrow, as I am desperate for a Boston cream pie.


But if not, I will leave you with this delicious image to satiate the blogging needs until next Sunday





Bridal Shower


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